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Among the issues I've been struggling with lately is whether I should keep writing Le Catch, as shopping feels so … excessive right now. However, according to the New York Times: "[Shopping] is also an essential part of our economy; retail is an enormous source of employment and creative expression." For some, the temptation to shop--or just the opposite!--might spring from the staggering amount of sale emails flooding our inboxes. The Times explains, "When you see “25 percent off,” instead of seeing “DEAL,” you should actually see “WARNING.” And also “HELP." It’s easy to lose track of where we are on the calendar when we are cooped up and weekends bleed into workdays...but we all know this is not sale time. Except it is, because this is crisis time." And since brick-and-mortar stores are closed, The Times article points out, "Online sales are the only source of revenue [retailers and designers] have to keep their employees paid and their business afloat." So, with that in mind I am going to support my nearest and dearest in fashion, like jewelry designer Jenna Blake (necklaces, above), who, bless her, is donating 100% of her anchor link sales to front line responders, NYC-based Jane Mayle (maker of my blouse, above) Clare V, Natalie Martin, Haney (35% off site-wide), Draper James, Doen, Adina Reyter, goop, and Marysia (who just launched an eco-friendly collection). I have an edit of big retailer sales in the works and will serve up shortly!

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