sweat therapy


My workout clothes have been waiting their entire lives for this moment. They get to be in the limelight almost around the clock--typically till late afternoon as that's when I get around to showering these days. Plus, they're actually reveling in sweaty action every single day (a current mental-health must!). On account of this, I thought I'd share with you my unflappable favorites, based not only on their hard-working performances as of late but their cuteness factor--of course, the more interesting, the better. They include the gingham (lightweight yet has a slick, holds-everything-in fit) Upside leggings, above, this asymmetrical (sexy!) seamless sports bra by Alo (40% off!), these $39 striped J.Crew leggings, this $15 yoga-ready Gap top (all my friends are doing Tom Morley's class via Zoom and loving his playlists), these super stylish tie-dye Phat Buddha leggings (for streaming Tracy Anderson always super stylish workouts via Goop), and these colorful, run-around-the-hood Splits 59. 
 P.S. Nordstrom is having a bananas 40% off sale, and the active wear selection is vast. Good time to stock up, in my book!

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