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settle in

To take some groundhog out of these Groundhog Days, I'm throwing some curve balls into my daily routine. To begin with, I'm streaming different exercise classes (@keithcookestudio @aarmy), experimenting with esoteric teas and vitamins (immunity-boosting Chaga and anti-viral Quercetin) and virtually playing with my twin sister's new puppy Billie via Face Time. Randomly, I'm also stepping up my table setting game. Nothing overly formal or ridiculously precious. I'm just using fun dinner party dessert plates that rarely get used for everyday breakfast, taking my lunch outside, propped on a pretty tray, etc. At the very least, this exercise is helping to visually enhance whatever I'm cooking. And it's also keeping me busy in between meals, taste-testing delectable tabletop online options. So far, my favorite dishes include these by Anthropologie. I also found a few vintage Dior ones on Etsy. Talking about curve balls: in the midst of poking around at my go-to home sources, I've seen some crazy online markdowns, which seem to be getting steeper and steeper. CB2 and West Elm are both offering up to 70% off--insanely tempting as I'm inclined to upgrade, well, just about everything (new sheets, outdoor cushions, you name it!) More good markdowns: J.Crew is offering up to 80% off for 24 hours only, with cute styles like the one-shoulder jumpsuit, below (BTW, my sis took the pic!) and this pretty shoulder-tie dress. You can also splurge for less at Moda Operandi (25% off) on decadent beauties like this, this and this and no so decadent (this and this). I'll keep more good (sales) news coming as we go...


face time

The last three and half weeks of Face-Timing just prompted an emergency beauty routine revamp. (Alessandra Stanley's Zoom-informed strategy on Goop also inspired!) What's needed now during this seemingly endless selfie time? For starters, way more facial moisturizer in myriad forms. After washing my face first thing in the morning, I apply (rather, baste) BeautyCounter's Tretapeptide Supreme Creme. It's crazy hydrating--like Gatorade-meets-green juice for my skin. Post-shower, I spritz on glow-boosting True Botanicals Nutrient Mist, followed by Pure Radiance Oil for an effect that's dewy, not slick. Lipstick is officially my new best friend now. The pop of a fresh pout not only diverts from the numerous neglected parts (hair among them) but unmistakably conveys "I made an effort." My go-to's include: Pat McGrath Labs Fever Dream (I've extolled its greatness before), Tower28 Shine On in Fire (100% clean,  yields a very LA undone-yet-done sheen), and The Organic Skin Co. Cheeky Pot in Lush (its name says it all). Another game-changer: Kevyn Aucoin's Volume Mascara. Seriously, it plumps my lashes like no other and makes me look bright-eyed (which, don't tell anyone, I'm currently not!). Lastly, if all else fails--and by that I mean if I do not commit to all of the above--I groom and fluff my brows with Glossier Boy Brow. It truly does make a huge difference. Anyway, I'm starting to look into more back-up. Will report back when it's further sorted.

a second chance

celebrity owned

For the last few days, I've been trying to re-jigger the good-news-to-bad-news ratio, tucking into uplifting content like Reese Witherspoon's new You Tube series Shine On at Home, energy healer Jakki Leonardini's anxiety-soothing podcast, and my Instagram (filled with in an inordinate amount of yummy banana bread recipes (thank you @candancenelson), funny Tik Tok dances, plus hilarious @jillkargman skits). I'm also spring cleaning my closet, which is uplifting in a lightening-my-load kind of way. (You got me?) In case you're interested in the fruits of this deep-cleanse, feel free to check out the LoveShackFancy dress, above, and the Icons floral wrap, below. Other options: this chunky, luxe (but too warm for LA) Pringle of Scotland cardigan, this fun Farm Rio one-shoulder maxi, and this Topshop lace top. Since I've made some extra room in my closet, of course, I'm inclined to add more, particularly because everything is on crazy sale, such as these everyday-perfect Madewell jeans ($75 for a limited time!), this super cute canvas (and packable!) bucket hat, and this Mayle print blouse (30% off!).

big little vibes

Seriously, the blooming spring tulips on my dining table have never looked prettier. Perhaps it's because of the new statement vase they're in? Or maybe it's just the extra gratitude I have for small pleasures these days. I'm talking about the little things that yield big bonus vibes, like the velvety decadent (CBD-infused!) Prima Body Butter Lotion that I've been slathering on my skin every morning, these pre-Zoom/House Party Shiseido eye masks (which win all the beauty awards for good reason--they seriously work!) or this random Mango chain belt that makes everything look like Chanel. Which brings me to the subject of look-good, feel-good clothes I'd like to wear now, but will settle for wearing later, including the head-to-toe WFH floral situation, above (the big shirt collars are so spot on!), for now and later, and this goooorgeous 30% Etoile Isabel Marant, these peppy, exercise-incentivizing La Double J leggings, these marked-down Tory Burch raffia sandals, this striped knit Zara, and this unabashedly pretty (20% off!) Alice & Olivia balloon-sleeve blouse (I also love the summer-exuberant on-sale dress, below!). Big little vibes, people. That's where it's at. :)

day ?

Among the issues I've been struggling with lately is whether I should keep writing Le Catch, as shopping feels so … excessive right now. However, according to the New York Times: "[Shopping] is also an essential part of our economy; retail is an enormous source of employment and creative expression." For some, the temptation to shop--or just the opposite!--might spring from the staggering amount of sale emails flooding our inboxes. The Times explains, "When you see “25 percent off,” instead of seeing “DEAL,” you should actually see “WARNING.” And also “HELP." It’s easy to lose track of where we are on the calendar when we are cooped up and weekends bleed into workdays...but we all know this is not sale time. Except it is, because this is crisis time." And since brick-and-mortar stores are closed, The Times article points out, "Online sales are the only source of revenue [retailers and designers] have to keep their employees paid and their business afloat." So, with that in mind I am going to support my nearest and dearest in fashion, like jewelry designer Jenna Blake (necklaces, above), who, bless her, is donating 100% of her anchor link sales to front line responders, NYC-based Jane Mayle (maker of my blouse, above) Clare V, Natalie Martin, Haney (35% off site-wide), Draper James, Doen, Adina Reyter, goop, and Marysia (who just launched an eco-friendly collection). I have an edit of big retailer sales in the works and will serve up shortly!

sweat therapy


My workout clothes have been waiting their entire lives for this moment. They get to be in the limelight almost around the clock--typically till late afternoon as that's when I get around to showering these days. Plus, they're actually reveling in sweaty action every single day (a current mental-health must!). On account of this, I thought I'd share with you my unflappable favorites, based not only on their hard-working performances as of late but their cuteness factor--of course, the more interesting, the better. They include the gingham (lightweight yet has a slick, holds-everything-in fit) Upside leggings, above, this asymmetrical (sexy!) seamless sports bra by Alo (40% off!), these $39 striped J.Crew leggings, this $15 yoga-ready Gap top (all my friends are doing Tom Morley's class via Zoom and loving his playlists), these super stylish tie-dye Phat Buddha leggings (for streaming Tracy Anderson always super stylish workouts via Goop), and these colorful, run-around-the-hood Splits 59. 
 P.S. Nordstrom is having a bananas 40% off sale, and the active wear selection is vast. Good time to stock up, in my book!

hey, over here!

marlien rentmeester le catch h&m

I am well aware that retail therapy can't solve problems--but I can assure you it can mitigate a bad mood. In fact, I can vouch for this, having just bought a few giddily affordable pieces from H&M's new eco-friendly Conscious Collection. Everything is made from at least 50% sustainably sourced materials, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. For instance, the ruffled beauty, below, is rendered from a natural biodegradable material harvested from recycled denim and other used textiles. I love all these dresses here, from the striped kaftan, above, to the short sequin stunner, third photo down, to the short print billowy dress, crafted from cotton voile. Browse the whole feel-good, look-good collection, including jeans, sandals, jewelry and other accessories here.

plan ahead

A marathon-long chain group text message between my group of friends is everything right now, particularly the humorous, uplifting memes and posts. Given how much I like to travel, the one above made me giggle at 3.45AM this morning (anyone else having trouble sleeping?!)--and inspired me to fantasize about about what I'd wear to some of the exotic locales mentioned above. After all, a little laughter never hurts, right? For Costa Del Balconia--I hear it's splendid this time of year--what about this new and gorgeous Rebecca Taylor (25% off!) or this reversible Mink Pink? Ultra-plush Santa Bedroomes call for these ultra-plush Lake pajamas (the equivalent of sleeping in a Four Seasons bed, no joke), while this cozy cardigan from Target(!) will be right at home in Los Lounges. For lovely Porto Gardenas, I'd breeze around in this pretty-in-pink Warehouse (20% off!) or this floral Antik Batik blouse. No, I don't have cabin fever. OK, well, maybe just a little. ;)

comfort zone

While filming from the basement of her home, Today Show's anchor Savannah Guthrie asked, "Is there a statute of limitations on how many days in a row you can wear the same sweatpants?" IMHO, yes! And yes, I've been watching too much TV! While comfort is indeed most desirable right now, crustiness is not. So, I thought I'd share my tried-and-true home-bound favorites, all perpetually worn by yours truly. In no particular order, they hail from Monrow (the softest and lightest french terry, hands down), Suzi Kondi (sweatpants, but make them cuff-leg, cotton-velour fashion), Plush (fleece-lined, Gucci-ish), and J.Crew (cashmere, on sale, enough said). FYI: I'm also throwing in easy (more sexy/less sloth) dresses into the mix, including the above by Sir The Label (bra too!), this bell-sleeved Natalie Martin, and this backless Free People (with a cardigan or blazer now, backless this summer.) Stay comfy, stay well!

unchartered territory

This weekend at home had me traversing unfamiliar corners of the world wide web (read: avoiding bleak news). I discovered an amazing live auction at The Fashion Illustration Gallery, featuring works by artists like Rosie McGuinness, above. I stocked up on new yummy recipes at The Feed Feed (using pantry staples!) and Crave and Cook (zucchini carrot fritters!); indulged in a self-help, anti-anxiety podcast (The Science of Happiness: Who Would You Be Without Them?) and quickie Insta-therapy sessions via Milan-based designer JJ Martin (so helpful!). P.S. I also have to add that this weekend I received some treats from trawling my usual spots pre-lockdown, including these Topshop jeans (think ultra-comfy, cutting-edge Celine silhouette for $56!) that I will be living in for the foreseeable future, these super cute beaded rope And Other Stories sandals (as seen on my Instagram), and so, so randomly, this game-changing hair-dryer, recommended by my in-front-of the-camera friends

Art: Rosie McGuiness
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