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sandals in the city

I love capping off an everyday-getting-business-done outfit with an easygoing, strappy sandal. The mixed-up combo looks nonchalant yet chic--so up my alley! And might I add: perfect for Summer Fridays! I'm particularly obsessed with the endlessly wearable TKEES sandals, below, for $55! Also divine (and outfit-punctuating) are these by Steve Madden, Jeffrey Campbell (very Miu Miu!), Veronica Beard, Loeffler Randall, Chloe and Arizona Love.

scroll down

Before I knew it (before I even had a cup of coffee!), I had scrolled through 1,008 of 6,840 under-$100 dresses on Asos this morning. No, I did not have time to do this. Not even a little bit! Truth be told, I simply could not stop scrolling, due to the compelling and staggering amount of amazingly inexpensive options. They just kept popping up again and again and again (and again!). These are effortlessly chic dresses to swan around in on a hot summer day, ones that you don't have to think twice about, that just simply. . . work! For starters, take the breezy white $51 white midi, above, the $56 polka dot mini, below, this edgy maxi, this graphic floral (currently on its way to me!), this striped open-back statement, this cut-out vibrant dress, this animal-print frock, and this vacation-ready tropical-print wrap mini.

dress for less

School's not even out (okay, one more day!) but I've already stepped things way down, turning to the one-and-doneness of a long print dress day in and day out. The feather-light floral, above, is new by And Other Stories (I am wearing it backwards) and the one, below, is past season Anna Mason (snapped up at The Real Real). I also want to slip into these under $100 frocks by English Factory, H&M, Warehouse and Endless Rose.

sugar paper sweet

Way up there on my list of all-time favorite things is personalized stationery. I view it as a paper version of a statement outfit--a reflection of my personality. My twin sister is also a stationery fan, and although we have the same exact DNA, we gravitate toward different colors and vibes. So, naturally, we took our differences and teamed up with LA-based, in-demand stationer Sugar Paper to create the cutest customized cards to appeal to all personalities, but always come across stylish and chic--and, you know, make an original statement. Please check them all out here. (P.S. All bespoke stationery is now 25%. This only happens once a year, folks!)


Around me or on me, flowers have a pick-me-up effect, as you can see in the snap, above, taken earlier this week! Smiles ear to ear due to our dresses by Borgo de Nor. Mine is here; Coco's here. Happy Friday!

eye spy

bauble bar eye necklace

My friend is going to be furious with me for posting this, but... sorry! It's too good not to share with everyone. For about two years now, I've been coveting her Lito x Zeus + Dione gold and enamel necklace, which she wears day in and day out. It's so striking, radiant and hard not to stare at! It's almost always sold out, though Net-A-Porter re-stocks from time to time. (The diamond-free iteration is currently available here.) As fate would have it, I just came across this Bauble Bar version (sorry again as it's way, way cheaper!) this morning. I figure it's a pretty good stand-in till I pull the trigger on the real deal.

golden ticket

Nothing against Golden Goose. They're cute and everything. But I'd rather spring on the above Steve Madden kicks and save my splurge for statement footwear like this, this or this. Just saying.

natural woman

My summer modus operandi is head-to-toe simple: Clothing should be effortlessly chic (demonstrated above), and makeup, barely-there. Though it's just the beginning of the June, I've already whittled down my beauty must-haves to the low-maintenance following: Glossier's dewy-magic face moisturizer (game changer, no joke!); Klorane's Mango Hair Oil, which I discovered on a recent Goop shoot, for look-twice shiny hair and, seriously, the most amazing scent. (That being said, I can't live without my long-loved, signature fragrance Sana Jardin Berber Blonde.) To fill in my eyebrows (and make them look au natural), I use Chanel Stylo Sourcils Pencil in Brun Clair and to line my lids, I apply Jillian Dempsey Natural Khol Eyeliner in Rich Brown. For my lashes, it's all about Beautycounter's Lengthening Mascara. Lastly, a dab of RMS  Beauty Champagne Rose Highlighter on my cheekbones and, sorry, Dr. Madhuri Chadha, a bit of afternoon sunshine, and I am good to go!

dress deluge

If you have a festive soiree (or five!) on the horizon, I suggest you scope out the bounty of amazing on-sale dresses here! The abundance of options is truly staggering, so, I singled out a few of my favorites for you, like, hel-lo!, the crazy gorgeous Johanna Ortiz fringed situation (still an investment but a forever keeper!), above, and this Fendi slip dress, below (I'd wear over a black turtleneck in the winter!). Less pricey but lovely and beautiful, nonetheless: this one-shoulder Isabel Marant Etoile, this almost sold-out Rebecca Taylor stunner (I also like this pretty floral one), this super feminine Love Sam lace-trimmed midi, this Equipment leopard-print shirt dress, this vibrant $100 Eliza J, and this mixed print Self Portrait. Hunt for yourself (NOT JUST DRESSES) here!

P.S. Other coveted designers on offer: Sea New York (love this everyday statement top) Ulla Johnson, Ganni, Alexander McQueen, The Reformation, and Isabel Marant. Venture forth and have a great weekend!

jean research

For my trip to New York last week, I packed two pairs of perfect everyday-running-around jeans (you can find them here and here), but, weirdly, nothing inspiring to go with! So, one day, I cleverly converted this balloon-sleeve Zara dress into a blouse, tucking it into my waistband and then I snapped up this Harvey Faircloth striped top that I will work over and over and over again. Next time, however, I will be better prepared, thanks to Leia Sfez's Instagram account, rife with loads of jean-chic inspo. A mother of two and hard-working brand consultant, Leia does denim simply--in a way that's easy to pull off and pleases the eye. Mostly, she relies on minimalist sandals and cap-toe ballet slippers like these (pictured above) and these (not Chanel, but almost!), along with effortlessly chic blouses and button-down shirts from Ganni (below), Figaret (second pic down) and Cashmere in Love (third pic). But, it's also her preferred high-waist jeans that do most of the work. She opts for these by Vince (above, on sale!), Levi's, and Mango ($45!, pictured immediately below).

Photos: Leia Sfez
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