big little vibes

Seriously, the blooming spring tulips on my dining table have never looked prettier. Perhaps it's because of the new statement vase they're in? Or maybe it's just the extra gratitude I have for small pleasures these days. I'm talking about the little things that yield big bonus vibes, like the velvety decadent (CBD-infused!) Prima Body Butter Lotion that I've been slathering on my skin every morning, these pre-Zoom/House Party Shiseido eye masks (which win all the beauty awards for good reason--they seriously work!) or this random Mango chain belt that makes everything look like Chanel. Which brings me to the subject of look-good, feel-good clothes I'd like to wear now, but will settle for wearing later, including the head-to-toe WFH floral situation, above (the big shirt collars are so spot on!), for now and later, and this goooorgeous 30% Etoile Isabel Marant, these peppy, exercise-incentivizing La Double J leggings, these marked-down Tory Burch raffia sandals, this striped knit Zara, and this unabashedly pretty (20% off!) Alice & Olivia balloon-sleeve blouse (I also love the summer-exuberant on-sale dress, below!). Big little vibes, people. That's where it's at. :)

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