on track

My sister recently returned home from a work trip to South Africa and brought back a few gifts for me, including a not so indigenous pair of  Topshop track pants. While I was at first flummoxed by this souvenir, I am now grateful as I have been running around in these Topshop-via-Capetown pants non-stop. And as fate would have it, I am not alone. The peeps in Paris are preening around in track pants by Chloe (above, last pic). I could also do daily laps in these pairs by Vetements, Adidas, and Monrow



Alina said...

I love this trend and I actually have the one from Adidas. Here's how I styled it on my blog:


Sharon said...


librariankp4 said...

I own the Monrows in 2 colors, they are great!

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