piece de resistance

Parisian fashion-goers may be flitting around on fumes after a month of show-going, but they're not yet low on style, as evidenced here. However, all the trophy jackets they're trotting out makes me think they're cutting corners, because they simply have to throw one on and, voila, they're dressed. I'd like to employ this very same effortless-dressing strategy in my non-Paris-runway-show-going but still very hectic life, with the following jackets by Truth & Pride, Sandro, Dries Van Noten, Rebecca Taylor, Derek Lam, Marc Jacobs and Zara.

Photos: Vogue, Harper's Bazaar


Anonymous said...

Who is the designer for the first jacket?

Alison @ jolie x laide said...

That Zara jacket is beyond gorgeous. I already have 5 white blazers, but I'm sure I need this one as well. Club Monaco has a pretty great tweed blazer that I'm eyeing right now -- never get tired of a great chic blazer.

Beth said...

The lady on the first picture is beautiful! Her outfit is also great!

Anonymous said...

The first jacket is from CG (who just so happens to my cousin Chris Gelinas).
Hope you don't mind I posted this. i LOVE that you put this pic on LE CATCH!

Chris said...

Would love to know designer of the white blazer?

Anonymous said...

Taylor Tomasi-Hill in the first image is wearing CG Fall 2016!

K.Leder said...

Zara has a cute jacket that may fall into your category.
Along with Anthropologie.
You may like this one too!

Jesselyn said...

These are great. This is really my 9-5 M-F look. Power dressing I call it. There are very few things a good jacket and high heels can't fix

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