do-it-all pumps

At a party the other night, held outside in a friend's backyard, I found myself trying to balance on the balls of my feet to keep my stiletto heels from sinking into the grass--or what felt like quick sand! Then a good friend of mine appeared and proudly announced that she had bought an inexpensive pair of shoes to wear, knowing that her heels would be submerged most of the night. Ah, good thinking! Next time I will be prepared, whether it's for a squishy lawn or (literally) running to a meeting in the rain--and I am thinking these Nine West pumps are the ticket. Clearly, these are no ordinary black pumps. The scalloped edging lends a punk twist and you can't deny the sexiness of the d'orsay silhouette. Oh, and they're $89.


dboucher said...

i bought these on Saturday and I truly love your taste so am feeling pretty good right now!

Sammy said...

Hi! Do these come up true to size? Love them!

Marlien Rentmeester said...

I find that Nine West generally runs true to size.

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