$36, old navy

With leopard print coats wildly trendy this winter, this Old Navy is so spot-on right.

1. Warehouse cashmere sweater, $178,
2. Old Navy leopard print coat*, $36,
3. Paige jeans, $260,
4. Givenchy Medium Pandora bag, $1965,
5. Sarah Magid bracelet, $690,
6. Topshop ankle-strap pumps, $110,

*Use code ONSAVENOW to get this price (50% off) today only.


Anonymous said...

So cute! I'm going to order this jacket - one for me and one for my daughter. I'm thinking maybe I should order a size larger than my normal for a looser look?? Any thoughts? I also love these jeans (as well as the whole outfit). Now, those horizontal zippers, are they going to make my hips look wider? ;-)

Marlien Rentmeester said...

I'd stick to my size on this one, as the print warrants a streamlined silhouette. IMHO. I have those jeans and the zippers are actually flattering.

Anonymous said...

Purchased! Thanks! What a great deal.

Anonymous said...

great point- THANKS!! That's why you're the expert and I am not ;-)

Alissa said...

Great post! Justpurchased the coat. A fun and inexpensive winter update.

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