bag envy

On my last two warm-weather getaways, I have somehow forgotten to pack a beach bag. This is, of course, a major omission since, apart from a flattering bathing suit or three, a super chic (and durable!) beach bag is a arguably the most critical component of your fashion assault on whatever pool or beach you are visiting. You need one you can throw your magazines, phone, sarong and sunscreen into and that can travel seamlessly from poolside to barside. I've got some serious beach vacations coming down the pike this year (Mykynos! Hawaii! The Hamptons!) and I'd love to stuff all my essentials into one of these hand-painted canvas babies by V73. P.S. How cute are the charms? P.P.S. Why not make one of these an everyday throw-around bag?

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I just have to say you can get a bag like this so much cheaper at Thursday/Friday:

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