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$275, j.crew (click and then scroll down for shoe)

Not only are head-turning clothes and accessories essential for Fashion Week, but so is a razor-sharp memory. You see so much, it's almost impossible to remember every dress, coat, bag, shoe, and detail that regales the runways. Still, there are certain things that make an indelible impression on your brain. For me, it was this ankle-strap heel that I saw and immediately started lusting for at J.Crew's Spring 2013* presentation back in September. The crazy thing is it's even more gorgeous than I remembered it to be...

1. Erdem floral print silk dress, $1040,
2. Tom Binns pyramid stud hoops, $176,
3. Madewell shrunken denim jacket, $118,
4. Deux Lux striped bag, $65,
5. J.Crew ankle-strap heels, $275, (click and then scroll down for shoe)

*You can now pre-order spring styles that are not yet in J.Crew stores. (Shipping starts in February.) Very cool. You can check out the all the pieces here.

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Anonymous said...

Wow that dress is amazing! I've been on the hunt lately for more affordable florals that appeal to my (craft) beer budget. I picked up the striped asos shorts you suggested a while back and they're amazing! Counting down the days until I can wear them, but I'm in NY so that may take a while :)

Thanks Marlien!

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