the mini

It may not be the most practical daytime bag due to its lilliputian size, but the top-handle bag is certainly huge in the glam/ladylike department. These teeny bags often come with a longer strap, so you can sling it around your shoulder, or wear it cross-body messenger-style, freeing up your hands to actually do stuff (always a plus). And, personally, I kind of like the idea of being forced to jettison the needless paraphernalia that always seems to come between me and my house keys. Anyway, here are few I'd like to take out for a stroll: a lacy Stella McCartney, a nude leather Alexander Wang, and a pastel J. Crew


Georgine said...

Did you notice the full skirted mini's the Obama girls were wearing on election night? I did and I think they are darling for all ages with a flat or with tights and a pump. Major statement made by two future fashionistas (like their mom!).

Anonymous said...

do you know who makes the leopard bag of the picture you posted?

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