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$220, topshop
I have a Colorado ski trip planned for later this winter, and I am so looking forward to getting back up to the mountains. I am a new skiier--just past the pizza-and-french-fries phase--and while I am enjoying learning the sport, there are many times when I feel unnerved and less than confident. The whole mountain scene is also foreign to me--from the high altitude headaches to the Sorels-and-gator attire. One thing I do know though is that this fleece moto jacket will be my lift ticket to apres-ski cool--and it will fly well at sea level, too.

1. Madewell striped sweater, $75,
2. Topshop fleece moto jacket, $220,
3. Club Monaco angora snood, $95,
4. CC Skye studded cross-body bag $459, 
5. KORS Michael Kors lace-up booties, $295,
6. Mother jeans, $195, 


Azra said...

You will look fabulous! Good luck with skiing... sure it's fun.

PatriciaBrand said...

love your choise!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that jacket looks stunning, and the price is not bad. Topshop always delivers that retro coolness that every girl should own.

dulci said...

apres-ski style is such a weird world to me, too. I'm a new-ish skier trying to keep up with my beyond advanced ski star boyfriend so I totally relate to the nervy feeling of staring down a steep hill. The thought of a well deserved post-run Irish Coffee keeps me going :)

Anonymous said...

TopShop England doesn't tell you that there are significant import duties on anything over $200. And you don't learn this until the stuff has already arrived at customs at Kennedy. Be warned.

Marlien Rentmeester said...

Eek! I have heard of this before but never experienced it myself or talked to anyone that has had it happen to them. The Topshop site does say that any import duties charged by the destination country must be paid by the recipient but that is all it says. It seems like if you have some bad luck, your shipment may get flagged/charged by U.S. Customs? I wish I had better advice to offer on this, but I guess it's a matter of crossing your fingers and hoping you are not one of the unlucky!

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