hurts so good


My first thought when I spotted this Zara clutch was, Oh no! Not because I didn't like it. But because I will HAVE to add it to my growing collection of clutches. It will be the statement maker that will conjure up remarks, both complimentary and quizzical (mostly from my husband, I am sure). It will come across as tough and (Alexander McQueen) punkish, and it will do wonders tempering the too-feminine dresses in my closet. It will be polarizing: I know who among my friends will appreciate it and those who won't. But, oh well for the naysayers.


Elizabeth said...

Bought it immediately when I saw it! They have the best bags lately. This piece will go with everything and be the wow!
xoxo -e(

Kate Miller said...

I thought McQueen when I first saw it too!

Cassidy Blackwell said...

LOVE this. It's great that the spikes are dull and flat rather than pointed. It adds to the intrigue.

Kind of reminds me of those little kid's toys from the 90's that were spray painted silver and made a cameo in the Michael/Janet music video "Scream". (and because I'm sure most people will not remember this:


Splendid Little Thrills said...

Who wouldn't love it!

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