summer loving


This Mediterranean-blue tassel-trimmed blouse is the embodiment of summer. I can just see myself wearing it on a scorching hot day, the billowy blouse sticking to my body (and ideally, my bathing suit), because of the humidity. And while it would go over swimmingly on an Italian Riveria vacation (with denim cut-offs), it would work overtime during my groundhog days at home in LA, running errands, working at a shoot, hanging out with the kiddos... you name it. I'd wear it on any old day with...

1. River Island blue print blouse, $40, 
2. Super Sunglasses, $163, 
3. Coach James Nares tote bag, $798, 
4. Gucci patent sandal, $495, 
5. Mother cropped low-rise jeans, $180,

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