There are lots of clothes in my closet that need the right moment: an evening out, a tropical getaway, or with my kids at home. Then there are others that just work all the time. My new favorite round-the-clock staples come from ALIGNE, a London-based, female-run brand that's cleverly focused on versatile yet statement-making silhouettes, all at accessible prices. Take the denim and cotton dress, above, that's both pulled-together yet downright easy, or the strapless linen top ($135), below, that will work with a pair of denim cut-off shorts or crisp linen trousers. The summer collection is currently teeming with take-me-anywhere options, such as the full denim skirt ($135), the pinstriped belted blazer ($269) and the denim mini dress ($145). See all for yourself right here!

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