the long run


marlien rentmeester

I first tried these Veronica Beard jeans on in front of my friends, with no mirror in sight. And it was so interesting to gauge their reaction first before assess the jeans on my own. All of their mouths morphed into little O's, with a collective, "Ooooh!"  coming out. Then they informed me, one by one, that the jeans made my legs look super long, that I would love them, that they were beyond flattering. Intrigued by their comments and super curious to see for myself, I ran to the mirror and immediately acknowledged: They're right! The jeans are most definitely excellent! Yes, I will shorten the length a bit, so that I can wear them without high heels, but still, they'll yield the same amazing legs-for-days effect. They also happen to be stretchy and everyday-comfy. I teamed them with Veronica Beard's matching vest for the reveal, here, but will wear them with everything from t-shirts to cashmere! 

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