the twilight zone

We've officially entered the Twilight Zone: the span between Christmas and New Years that has us relentlessly dazed and confused. Today I woke up unsure of day of the week, what I am supposed to do, whether I should work, if calories even count, how much tv binge-watching is acceptable, etc. What I do know for sure, however, is that it's sale time (I just scored here and here--hooray!). I'm also certain that it's a fine time to contemplate frivolous things I normally wouldn't have the bandwidth to, such as whether to wear a necklace backwards (inspiration above), and if I did, which ones would work (this and this). It's also an appropriate moment (or five) to finally track down Katie Holmes's random but distinctly stylish polka dot tightsbelow, (to wear with this!), and Camille Charriere's extra large/prohibitively expensive but still inarguably chic Saint Laurent tote bag (last pic). Expect more capriciousness this week! 


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