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I impulse-buy clothes, no problem. But when it comes to furniture, I have full-on phobia. It's not rational, I know, especially these days when a coat can cost as much as a couch! That being said, a coat can live in my closet and be worn at my discretion; My couch, on the other hand, requires at least a 365+ day commitment! All of which explains why this Lulu & Georgia daybed sat in my shopping cart for almost a whole year. I would visit it there from time to time to discover it had been back-ordered, re-stocked and back-ordered again. During its brief re-stocking a few weeks ago, I finally pounced and--hooray!--it arrived today! I am very pleased with my purchase, so much so that I feel emboldened to foray further into furniture shopping and am now on the brink of buying this floor lamp (for my son's room), this Noguchi-inspired light, and this Coco Republic boucle chair.

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