so long, 2020


Like everyone else, 2020 had me stocking up on things that made me feel more comfy. But now that I have (way) more than enough sweatshirts, what's in store for 2021?  That's the kajillion dollar question! As far as my wardrobe goes, Vogue recently shed some light, professing: "Dressed-up things with a bit more ease." Works for me. To begin with: Jewelry, which the article proclaims, has replaced the dress! Specifically, the long necklace! Spot-on (many budget-friendly) options include these by Laura Lombardi, Chloe, Vince Camuto, and Maria Black. To fulfill the "dressed-up with ease" (and Zoom-ready) quotient, I'm eyeing these pretty tops by Horror Vaccui, above, Rixo, See by Chloe, Doen, and Ulla Johnson.

Photo: Columbine Smille

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