hibernation time


Typically during the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve I turn into a couch potato (miraculously, calories and carbs don't count). I take comfort in not being alone in this pursuit, and believe that our collective inertia this year could actually help save the human race! So far, in my laying low, I've binge-watched The Flight Attendant and Bridgerton, started reading Talking Animals (up next: Leave the World Behind), daydreamed about skiing corduroy slopes (and sporting Perfect Moment's perfect gear while I'm at, below), ping-ponged between insane (not-yet-picked-over) sales (run here and here), vintage hunting (scores from Retro Rhapsody, above, include this), and new merch possibilities (this, this and this). I anticipate that my couch potato-ing will turn up lots more. Stay tuned!



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