When I met some friends for dinner last week at the newly opened (and crazy delicious) Pizzana, we all (yes, all four of us) showed up wearing green army jackets. I wasn't embarrassed or mortified, as this staple is a rock solid choice no matter how many people are wearing it. However, it got me thinking about any possible twists on the standard issue girl-army-jacket. Lo and behold the next day, I saw this Instagram snap: Leandra Cohen, above left, sporting a J.Crew men's camoflage version. I like that the print is more vibrant and abstract than traditional camo and yet equally versatile. And this version might just help me stand out from the crowd a little! You can find it here. (I also like the Diane Von Furstenberg dress Leandra is wearing underneath her camo!)

Photo: Leanda Cohen

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Sacred and Profane Designs said...

Great jacket indeed! Love the earrings as well!

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