nochella style

I spent this #nochella weekend at the beach and witnessed a different kind of spectacle: a great white shark ate a seal just steps from shore (and my beach chair!). LAPD helicopters arrived on the scene and hovered while the shark continued to chill in the shallows. Needless to say I didn't swim in the ocean, and since I am your faithful fashion correspondent, I did not let the commotion distract me from diligently following the desert festival's fashion. While the typical crop tops, fringed kimonos, cutoff jeans, and crochet bodysuits reigned supreme, the most compelling looks, in my opinion, were those that can be worn post-Coachella as well, such as the Altuzzara dress, above. (I love how Pernille Teisbaek styled it over shorts and with sneaks in the last pic, below, proving some serious versatility. P.S. The high slit is everything!) Scalloped denim shorts, like these, are a great summer staple, and one can never go wrong in a breezy white dress ( here, here, here, and here). Romantic maxi dresses, such as this, this and this, also go gorgeously with the warm weather festival-to-fete flow.



Unknown said...

I was at the beach too and wondered what the heck was going on! How crazy. Love the 'Nochella' looks. Hope you're doing well, I'm sure I'll see you at Burn 60 again soon!

Unknown said...

I LOVE the studded criss-cross sandals worn with the scalloped shorts! Do you know where they're from?

Unknown said...

i LOVE the Altuzzara dress- anything out there like it? ( im meaning in a lower price range?!)

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