puffer style

Ursina Gysi style

When I first moved to LA from New York  I would scoff (in a very New Yorker way) at the Angelenos who'd bust out their puffer jackets when the mercury dipped below 70 degrees. Fast forward a few blood-thinning years, and I had joined the puffer crew. Now it's the thing I reach for before the winter morning school run, exercise class, market excursion, etc. And I'm thinking this season I'm due for an upgrade, one that pulls double duty: keeps me warm and standout stylish. My favorite (and far from the average Patagonia) options are by Uniqlo, Barneys, Michael Kors, Members Only, Penfield, Moncler, and Zara. (P.S. Anyone know who makes the puffer, above?)

Photo: Vogue


Olemia said...

I am obsessed with your blog and have spent waaay too much money purchasing your amazing finds! Happy New Year and all the best in 2016 (including more great fashion)!!

Anonymous said...

Did you find out who makes the puffer jacket?

Anonymous said...

this blog is everything-is it patagonia?

Anonymous said...

Love the Zara navy blue!

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