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I was just going through the J.Crew holiday catalog, marveling at how many of the pieces I needed/wanted, when I suddenly remembered that my identical twin Coliena shot most of the photos this past summer in Ireland! Needless to say, the pics are amazing and so is the lineup. My favorites include the belted wool trench featured below, along with this feather-trimmed cardigan, these velvet sandals, this faux fur striped scarf, this sequin cardigan, these tailored denim trousers, and this chunky cable knit sweater. P.S. pretty much everything on the site, including all of the above, is 30% off through 11/29!

*Photographer's note: While the weather delivered (it was suitably cool and moody foggy), the sheep, pictured above, were not as cooperative, given their penchant for causing traffic jams and generally ignoring the photographer's shot direction!


Alina said...

I look forward to every JCrew catalog. It's such a treat. As an art director, it would be me dream job.

PrettyOldStuff said...

I just bought that JCREW Tartan coat last week. I couldn't resist and I couldn't wait for a sale scared my size would disappear. And I now know I must blame your sister for that impulsive indulgence...:).


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