in the trenches

My sister travels between New York and Los Angeles on an almost weekly basis for work, but no matter which city she is in, she stays true to her one-style-fits-both-coasts aesthetic. Which explains her affinity for her trench coat, rain or shine, beach or city. Of course, she is not the only one living on this axis, and when I saw this H&M trenchcoat-inspired dress, it seemed that it was made for her and the rest of the the NY/LA crew. It will work very well for bopping around both cities (and elsewhere).


Margie said...

I enjoy your posts and style. My only complaint is that 9 out of 10 times when I click on an item I am interested in purchasing, it is "sold out". This trench dress is a prime example!!!

Danny said...

LOVE this dress. It fits perfectly with both sneakers and heels.

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