shaggy chic

$125, topshop

I am obsessed with this superglam cardigan that I bought on Friday in New York. I've been wearing it (non-stop) like this...

1. Joseph bow silk blouse, $395,
2. Topshop shaggy faux fur cardigan, $125,
3. J. Brand jeans, $200,
4. Givenchy Satin Lipstick in Elegant Rouge, $32,
5. Marc by Marc Jacobs double wrap chain bracelet, $98,
6. Vince booties,  $396,


l.c.s. said...

just ordered the topshop number. great find- thanks!


Anonymous said...

Buttoned or unbuttoned?

Marlien Rentmeester said...

unbuttoned, for sure!

Quinn said...

You make me shop too much! I told myself I would only do Christmas shopping for others but this is too fantastic not to get for myself. Thank you! ;)

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