shine bright

I have not one but two new pleated metallic (gold and silver) skirts hanging in my closet--and they've been there for weeks, untouched. Though I desperately want to wear them, I haven't been able to summon up the bravado (or, frankly, the occasion) to bust one out. But then there I was in Bali last weekend at a wedding and the best dressed guest was an older woman wearing a long pleated gold metallic skirt with a fitted, just-below-the-hip black sweater. She looked elegant and glamorous. She stood out. And I watched as she received compliments left and right. So, now I am all fired up to wear one of my skirts--and even drum up a little backyard cocktail party to do so. In the event you're interested in making a gleaming statement too, I found some tempting options from Topshop, Rules of Etiquette, Cedric Charlier and H&M.


Margaret Dallospedale said...

Love this skirt
She is so stylish
Maggie D.
The Indian Savage diary

Phoebe said...

I can totally see you rocking a metallic skirt!! I would probably wear it with some denim/chambray to dress it down or a slouchy sweater in the evening.

Karima said...

My favorite part of this post is your idea to drum up a cocktail party to wear the skirt! Love the way you think!

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