$60, river island

These cute abstract animal print shorts remind me of the Gucci shoes I'm wild about.

1. J.Crew cropped sweater, $75,
2. Ray-Ban sunglasses, $155,
3. Madewell braided ID bracelet, $28,
4. Monserat sequin tote bag, $125,
5. Topshop sandals, $85,
6. River Island shorts, $60,


Annie Reeves said...

I'm really digging this look - especially those shoes!

CaroG said...


Love the shorts! I looked online to purchase, but couldn't tell the length. Do you happen to know? I am 6' tall, so 3" is too short for me, ha ha!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Looking to purchasing these but wondering about RI sizing? If I'm normally a US4 would I purchase a UK10? Thinking the UK8 would be shorter and tighter.

Marlien Rentmeester said...

If you are a size US4, I would do UK 8.

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