culottes call

When I worked at Lucky Magazine,  there was a regularly running column called How to Dress Around a. . . (insert a newly trendy, hard-to-wear item here). Accompanying pictures showed how to style the piece, so that ultimately you could pull it off with aplomb (rather than look like a fashion victim). For me, this column was especially convincing whenever I was on the fence about buying edgier pieces. Since I'm now considering a pair of culottes--an item of clothing I haven't worn since I was in the single digits--I spent some time this morning assembling my own version of "How to Dress Around." These images pretty much persuade me that my wearing culottes is 100% doable--and effectively cute. My options so far: this pleated Tibi (similar to above), this silk Whistles, this Kate Spade Saturday, and this textured Topshop.


Wig said...

Culottes are so functional, but I am traumatized by them like I am about clowns. I like pictures 1 and 2 here though, so go for it, brave fashion people.

Unknown said...


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