tribal pearls

At a party the other night I bumped into a friend wearing the most insane pearl earrings. They had a medium-sized pearl stud in the front and a jumbo pearl in the back, so they looked edgy, tribal and elegant all at once (both coming and going!). See them, above, on New York-City based DJ Harley Viera-Newton. "They're Christian Dior," my friend said. "They come in different colors and I want them all!" Me too! The next day I did my due diligence. They start at $410. The store in Beverly Hills just got in a new shipment and has loads of colors to choose from: emerald green, sapphire blue, hot pink, black, etc. I searched for options online, and lo and behold, came across a Bauble Bar rendition (via The Hive) for $28. I kept these in the back of my mind while I trekked over the Dior boutique, where I tried them on in pearl, green, blue, etc. I loved them all, but I didn't LOVE them on me (that is for $410). So, I went with the Bauble Bar pair in blush and gold. Double score! 


Ellen said...

I had been looking for a more affordable option - thank you so much!!

Lindley P said...

Ha! Great minds think alike. I saw them on Jennifer Lawrence on the cover of Vogue some months back. I headed over to Bauble Bar last week and bought them in blush and ivory. The price was right - because I too am not sure they look great on me. Be warned - the Bauble Bar version has much smaller pearls in the back than the Diors. That might be why I don't love the way they look as much... Sometimes size does matter. :)

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