classic status

A relatively mellow weekend afforded me some time to spring clean my closet. This is a love/hate activity for me, which I put off doing all the time, but when I'm actually doing it I thoroughly enjoy. Perhaps because I am making room for more! As per usual, what needs to be tossed into the goodbye pile is crystal clear to me, but there is always one or two pieces that for some reason or another give me pause. Such was the case with an old pair of hot pink kitten heels, which I've had since my early '20s and have not really worn since. For this reason, I debated retiring them, but ultimately decided that they're keepers, still very much possessing the power to add pop to any outfit. This pic, which coincidentally appeared on my Pinterest feed today, reinforces my conclusion. In fact, it's re-kindling my love for my pink shoes, convincing me that they (or any bold-hued shoe for that matter) have achieved classic status. (This image has also inspired a new outfit idea!) More high-impact heels I'd love to own: this pink Burberry, this red J.Crew, this fuchsia Manolo Blahnik, and this rosy Alexander Wang.

Photo: Nili Lotan


PVlover said...

Yup, keep the pink shoes, if not just for the sentiment. Love the pink with olive drabs.

Jill said...

I love a "pop of color" shoe with dark denim, linen pants, pretty much anything that acts as a background for the bright shoe. Definitely keep the pink heels and I LOVE the outfit you posted!

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