bonding and sandaling

I'll admit it's a very only-in-LA kind of thing to stage a school mom's retreat at the beach. But, for me, that's exactly what went on last Friday. The premise: to get away, relax and bond. The result: success! Margaritas were on tap. There were enchiladas and kale salad. Both funny chitchatting and deep conversations happened. And there was sandals galore. The best of the bunch: a new J.Crew black leather slide that everyone agreed was excellent in its very right-now-Birkenstock-likeness, but notness. Think: feminine, elegant, sleek and versatile. And bet that many of us will soon own a pair.

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Tara said...

I am an "last years" Birkenstock wearer who has always worn them for a bad back. I abhor the thought of putting on my "old summer reliables" this summer now that everyone is making them and wearing them. I'm considering the Madrid style which is more 1970s for the summer, (Patrik Muff's version last year were amazing). Can you suggest a foot/back friendly alternative?

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