over the knee boots

I've never thought I could pull off over-the-knee boots--I've always shied away from the Pretty Woman undertones--but this picture is making me think otherwise! Styled with a classic striped dress like this one from Velvet, and a chic swingy coat (the one above is by Joie and is 30% off here), the boots look edgy but not over the top. What's also key is the boot itself. The suede pair pictured is by Stuart Weitzman, and perhaps because of their intrinsic greatness, they're sold out everywhere except here.  

Photo: Always Judging


Azra said...

I am not a fan of over-the-knee-boots. I have seen this picture on pinterest and thought how I really like this outfit, except for the boots.

Diana said...

I felt the same has you, but this Christmas I gave in and bought a pair of over the knee boots from Zara. Couldn't be happier! I also like to wear them with midi length skirts.

HollyT said...

Agreed! My hubby bought me some almost thigh high brown leather ones. They can look a little less "pretty woman" if worn under a longer skirt or dress. Those SWs are to die for.

Debora A. said...

Sam Edelman makes a pair called Kayla that are pretty similar to the Stuart Weitzman ones, but fortunately cheaper.


I own them in black and love them, but it seems like ebay is the only place that still carries them.

Champagne Sunday said...

I LOVE over the knee boots. Honestly the only way to look pretty woman, is to wear something like pretty woman WITH over the knee boots. You can pretty much wear these boots in any form or fashion in a completely classic and elegant way.


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