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If there's ever a night to show some leg, it's tonight. Happy New Year! But these women, pictured here, prove that any old day warrants a sexy slit skirt. Leila Yavari, above, perfectly executes Preen's zipper-trimmed skirt (30% off here!), which cleverly features adjustable front slits. (You can find a more spring-friendly version of this skirt here.) Meanwhile, Netaporter's fashion director Holli Rogers (below) goes for it in an Esteban Cortazar skirt, and expertly tempers its seductive lines with a Chinti and Parker oversize sweater (that's now 30% off). Other slit skirts that are catching my eye: this daring one from Versus, this more demure one from Nameless, and this classic black L'Agence (60% off).

Photo:Vanessa Jackman, Collage Vintage

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Anonymous said...

Your taste is always exquisite!

I am buying the first skirt, and it will be my motivation to run in the New Year! My one resolution...

Any idea whose shoes she is wearing? Stunning!

Happy New Year!

Thank you for the constant source of inspiration!


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