soft core

$59, h&m
Winter vacation. Cozy sweater for loafing around. Perfection.

h&m striped fuzzy sweater

1. Current/Elliott denim shirt, $200,
2. H&M mohair striped sweater, $59,
3. Gemma Redux stone and chain bracelet, $194,
4. Minnetonka suede mocassins, $39,
5. J.Crew seamed motorcycle pants, $128,


Anonymous said...

I know someone who would adore the fuzzy sweater. But I bought those motorcycle pants and returned them. The seams and patching are very lumpy looking on, and the zipper at the bottom goes down the front instead of the side.

Lucy Mitchell said...

I love the look of mohair - but don't you find that it comes off on everything? Maybe stuff with a lower percentage of mohair is better?

Helen said...

I agree with the anonymous comment above. I also bought those j crew moto pants but the zipper did not stay on the side so sadly had to return them :(

Love the h&m fuzzy sweater find. Will have to get it now!

Anonymous said...

I bought the JCrew pants and loved them so much I bought them for my mom and a friend for Christmas. The zipper is suppose to be on the front of these.

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