set, sip, serve

I like dinner out at a fancy restaurant. But I LOVE play dates at my friend Annie's home. You see, she throws the mother of all play dates, which typically include a decadent cheese platter, grilled salmon, the finest wine (for the adults, only, of course!), and gorgeous flower-laden tables, even for the kiddos. It is a sight to behold and experience for everyone, child and mom alike, and her skills, of course, are applied to throwing fantastic adult-only soirees as well. Therefore, I am pleased to tell you that she and another consummate hostess friend of mine Benton (the always gracious Southern Belle type who has a delicious drink perched on a tray when you enter her home) have launched a how-to entertaining site called Set Sip Serve, an amazing and inspiring resource for delicious recipes, creative tablescape ideas, and chic party-friendly wares. Already my at-home soirees, including a recent pastry-laced tea party, featured today on the site, are benefiting greatly! Check out Set Sip Serve here, along with shoppable products inspired by the above spread.

P.S. How pretty are those flowers on my table? I got them and the brass vessels at Botany.


Delia said...

That is totally my kind of play date! Love, love, love!!

Anonymous said...

Those chairs are to die for!! Where did you get them?

Marlien Rentmeester said...

I bought those chairs in Palm Beach at Circa Who.

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