the pilot jacket

I got a taste of fall last weekend up in northern Santa Barbara (I will share deets about my trip in the next few days!). At sunset, the wind started to blow down the mountain valleys to the beach, and it became downright chilly. The only thing I had to throw on over my sweater was my husband's ski jacket, which he happened to have in his car! My overall look was, um, not so good. In any case, it got me thinking ahead to fall and all the cozy, chic jackets I'd like to wear. At the top of my list is the pilot jacket, like this one by Whistles or this one by Topshop. I also adore this quilted leather Topshop one and if I could go all out money and statement-wise, I'd go for this guy by Phillip Lim, too! (The one pictured above is by Fillipa K, from last winter). Think of the pilot jacket as a cross between an army parka and a bomber. It's fresh-looking, yet classic, incredibly utilitarian--a perfect teammate for both jeans, sleek trousers and dresses--and it's in line with next season's sporty street vibe. I see it layered over a jean jacket in the lead-up to winter, and later with a warm sweater, beanie, and big, chunky scarf. You will probably see me wearing it non-stop very soon!

Photo: Stockholm Street Style


modabellarella said...

Love you easy style're an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Do you know who makes the boots on the model?

Thank you.

Marlien Rentmeester said...

Isabel Marant. Of course. You can find them here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I love Isabel Marant's collection, and the boots are en route! Thank you, Net-a-Porter! Thank you, Marlien!

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