the denim mini

It's been a while since I've worn a denim mini skirt, much less thought about one (it was a post-college staple), however, this picture makes me want to throw one on--but only with fancier, more grown-up extras, like a chic blue blazer, amazing statement sandals and a strong bag. I'm liking these denim skirts from Big Star, Joe's Jeans, and Isabel Marant.

Photo: Elle Magazine


Everyday Girl said...

I love this look, reminds me of all the denim skirts I have hoarded away - a blazer looks amazing with them, I will go pull them out now. Thanks for that great outfit idea :-).

Rachelle ( said...

Haven't worn mine in ages, great inspo.


Linda said...

Please some finds of navy blazers for above and more? Thank you

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