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Sandal season is around the corner. I can vouch for this having just spent the last few (warmish) days in Aspen, where even though it snowed a few nights ago, ski parkas quickly are being replaced by lightweight fleeces and less. I tend to have a few favorite flat sandals every season that I wear to to death (and try to resurrect with numerous trips to the shoe repair man), including a neutral everyday pair, a fancier, party-worthy one, a gladiator style, an embellished city-to-beach sandal (such as the one above), and a metallic pair. It sounds excessive, but I do wear them all! As it turns out, I've found some good ones on sale (strange but true, given the time of year!), along with some others that are so insanely chic I'd happily bust them out apres on Ajax (seriously). They include: a classic and infinitely wearable Michael Kors (on sale!), a rose gold (Chloe-ish) Rebecca Minkoff, a subtly studded J.Crew, a minimalist snakeskin ankle-wrap K. Jacques, a gladiator-inspired Gentle Souls (I have them in black and they're like a flat version of the sexy lace-up stiletto) some stop-and-stare Valentinos, and an elegant party-worthy Prada.

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Stacie said...

Not excessive at all for here in Southern California! We need to have a good variety when they are worn 10 months out of the year. I just got an ankle tie variety from that I love - can't decide which ones to get next.

Anonymous said...

Who makes the beautiful sandals in the photograph??

Marlien Rentmeester said...

I wish I knew--they're beautiful!

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