the ring thing

News flash: the raging arm party that's been going strong for several seasons now is re-locating to another venue: your fingers. Which is to say that now it's all about piling on rings. And like parties, the more, the merrier. I'd like to throw on these lovelies from Yves Saint Laurent (the turquoise one, as pictured above), Topshop (a good looking set for $30) and Gorjana.

Photos:, Pinterest


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

ooh I love rings. So glad the party is moving there. That said, I'm sort of tired of that YSL ring. I saw it all last year, everywhere. And I guess when everyone is wearing it, it's not that interesting to me.

Beverly Jacobs said...

I love these rings. I love the Yves Saint Laurent Snail Ring in Green and pink too at Bergdorf! The Wardrobe

Caitlin said...

That saint laurent ring still does it for me. Gorg.

Unknown said...

I'm really into the ring trend! With our constant attention to our cellphones and Ipad's our fingers are always on display!


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