in the trenches

$59, uniqlo
I have a trench-inspired jacket like this that I bought ages ago and what I love most about it is that it's both indoor and outdoor-worthy. Cleverly, this one has buttons on its sleeves so you can roll them up and costs a mere $59.

1. Aerie sweatshirt, $49,
2. Uniqlo jacket, $59,
3. Madewell oxford shoes, $165,
4. Jerome Dreyfuss leopard print calfhair bag, $815,
5. Topshop tweed pants, $80,

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Claire P. said...

I just bought that aerie sweatshirt! Marlien, you have no idea what a boost this gives me to feel as if I have your stamp of approval. Now heading to check out that great jacket. Your posts are always inspirational, aspirational, or both. Thank you!

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