cyber monday

$486, saks fifth avenue
This Gucci (ponyhair D'orsay!) get, reduced by 30 percent, is just one example of the seriously tempting deals I've come across this Cyber Monday. Here's a quick round-up of some other great finds.  Flex your fingers and go!

This dainty chain link ring is gorgeous and subtly elegant.

How delicious is this Alexander Wang wallet?

Cute little everyday earrings to give away--or better yet, keep!

*Use code CC25OFF to get 25% off all orders at Charm & Chain through December 14 (the ring above will be $22).


Azra said...

wonderful finds!

820am said...

love your blog. but see my post on ponyhair: xo,annette

Marlien Rentmeester said...

Thanks for your comment, Annette. I think "pony hair" is a term referring to material that is most commonly cow hide i.e. although it is from an animal, it's actually not from ponies. BagSnob has written about it here

820am said...

you are so sweet. i'm not a fan of cow hide either but it's good to know what i'm talking about! all the best to you, annette

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