new york bound

freedom tower

I am heading to New York Fashion Week tomorrow, so expect posts about the highlights, shows, my outfits, trends, and other fun details in the next few days. I am excited to be back in the city, but it will be a completely different experience than the one I had last month, when I was vacationing there with my family. Here are some snaps of our late summer fun, out in the Hamptons, with a quick visit downtown (the Freedom Tower above). Have a good weekend and talk to you from the Big Apple! 

Heading to the beach.

Cool in the shade--our backyard.

On the bay.

sunset beach hotel restaurant shelter island
 Alfresco dining at Sunset Beach Hotel on Shelter Island. The action starts apres-beach.

sunset beach hotel sign
Of course, I checked out the hotel's chic boutique.

sunset beach hotel menu
The breakfast menu. Yum!

hamptons beach scene
Summer love.

east hampton windmill
Fall is here.


Anonymous said...

such a great blog you have !!
I had to stay in my computer so long to read all post :)
love your story about forever21necklace .I always think they have one of best collection of jewelry even they make copy ( at least they have good eye to catch)

I really like your choice of color combination when you put things together on on.
so much inspiration!

I am a full time mommy now but I always wanted to be in fashion world ..... :)

thank you for sharing.


Chic Delights said...

Lovely vacation pictures. Whether on vacation or work, I'm sure you will enjoy New York! Looking forward to your NYFW pictures. Have a good weekend!

Azra said...

Beautiful photos. It looks very dreamy.

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