fall flowers

$168, jcrew.com

Is it just me or is anyone else feeling back to school anxiety? I remember how I used to fret about what I'd wear on the first day. Whatever it was, it had to be new and indicative of the season to come. Nowadays it's more about back to the office, of course. Post-summer, the goal is to look refreshed and up to date. This floral skirt would make the cut. It's vividly hued with lush brocade--appropriate for the office and dinner afterward. Deep into autumn, I'd wear it with...

1. River Island metallic sweater, $55, riverisland.com 
2. Katie Diamond black garnet studs, $150, catbirdnyc.com 
3. Marc Jacobs quilted leather shoulder bag, $795, netaporter.com 
4. Aquazzura cut-out pumps, $495, shopbop.com 
5. J. Crew floral brocade pencil skirt, $168, jcrew.com


Rita TOMORROWtoday said...

love those earrings, just can't decide what color!

Phyllisa said...

How funny! I tried this on today before reading your post. It looked great on their model but they clipped it to make it look more "pegged". Without the clips, I wasn't a fan.

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