fall checklist

With summer quickly winding down, I am really starting to assemble my fall wardrobe. Typically, I make a checklist of the season's top must-haves. This year, my list includes: a statement sweater (or two or three!), a low-heeled boot, leather pants (which I already acquired from H&M in both black and oxblood), a boxy, oversized motorcycle jacket (a la Proenza), a sleek coat (check, with some leopard trim, no less!), a fashion week and beyond-worthy choker necklace, a layer-under-everything lightweight turtleneck, feminine black loafers, and something furry. Every week from here on out, I will round up my favorites in each of these categories and share them with you (as I've been asked by many of you to do). I begin with the statement sweater--the chicest way to keep warm this winter.

$178, jcrew.com

$80, topshop.com

$915, netaporter.com

$850, netaporter.com

$390, shopbop.com

$72, topshop.com

$228, netaporter.com

$472, shoplesnouvelles.com

$84, topshop.com

$1030, netaporter.com


Anonymous said...

Hi - do you have a link to those h&m leggings?



Caroline Olufunke Abolade said...

wow for the j crew sweater

Maegan said...

Oh how I love Olivia in this photo... do you happen to know any of the pieces she is wearing or some similar grabs?

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