cool in the shade

I stayed at the uber chic Sunset Beach Hotel in Shelter Island, New York, last weekend (snaps to come!) and felt like I was in the capital of coolville. Every person there was more beautiful and hip (and, in some cases, more French) than the next, dressed to the nines, even at 8.30 on Sunday morning! The most ubiquitous accessory was a straw fedora. Some of them wide-brimmed, others were tattered and ratty but the effect was all the same: high glam. Here are some options to consider from Eugenia Kim, Billabong, and Urban Outfitters.



Georgine said...

Have benn going to Sunset for years, and am visiting Shelter Island next weekend... Fedora now included in my wardrobe. What a fun shout out :)

Anonymous said...

That's a very cute dress! (and sandals, and had, and necklace too!)

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