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Mossimo sandal
I have a simple, classic pair of J. Crew gladiator sandals (just like the ones pictured above) that I bought a few summers ago, and I've worn them into the ground. To say that they're versatile would be an understatement. There isn't a piece of summer wear that they don't go with, from a sundress to shorts to cropped jeans--and they work around the clock. But I also love the fact that they are neither too clunky nor too Roman Coliseum-authentic (i.e., they signal "I am feeling relaxed" more than "I am ready for battle"). Most incredibly, they're eight bucks(!), and they'll look great with...

1. Iro dress, $177, 
2. OGJM bracelet, $60, 
3. Chloe denim and leather bag, $1325, 
4. Mossimo sandals, $8,


dervla @ The Curator said...

$8 sandals! Great find :)

meredith said...

Love the sandals, just ordered. Also tacked on the leopard jeans from target that are reminiscent of the ones you've featured a few times. Hoping they might be as cute...

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