I previewed a sample of this beaded sweatshirt in Asos's PR office a few weeks ago and have been badgering the publicists there to let me buy one ever since. Well, it finally became available online over the weekend. Happy Day. I'll be wearing mine to pieces, with just about everything, from a swishy A-line pleated skirt (a pastel one for a Prada vibe) to black skinny jeans for work. For starters, I'd play up its bright and summery vibe and pair it with...

1. Asos sweatshirt, $55, 
2. Betsey Johnson clutch, $98, 
3. B Brian Atwood, $325,  
4. J. Crew leather pencil skirt, $595,


Anonymous said...

the one in your silho is sooooo much cuter than the one in your link—what happened?? xo

romanholiday said...

I agree! The one available for sale on ASOS is not nearly as embellished (and the beads are pink!). I really hope they make the one you're featuring available for sale.

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