yes, it's a top


When I saw tummy bearing bralets coming down Prada's spring runway, I decided then and there they were not for me. Too skimpy. Too daring. Too young. There's no way I could pull one off, I thought. But then I went to a cocktail party last week in Hollywood and came across the chicest woman I've met in a while. She was wearing a bustier top and a high-waisted A-line skirt. Just a sliver of her abdomen--the right (i.e., flat) part, just below the ribcage--was exposed. The fullness of her skirt helped offset the showy top, and the whole effect was rather dramatic and gorgeous and still demure. Now I am tempted to try it myself (despite my husband's guffaws). I'd wear this one with...

1. Heidi Merrick African print bustier, $150, 
2. Topshop cropped blazer, $110, 
3. Mikkat Market Zebra clutch, $44, 
4. Maiyet strap sandal, $795, 
5. French Connection skirt, $114,


samanthaivy said...

crap, i really want it

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful! I'm trying desperately to rework my budget this month so that I can buy the skirt.

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