pajama party


We shot Lucky's August cover this week, and the stylist was, not surprisingly, the epitome of cool. She was wearing leather shorts, a black and white checked button-down shirt (a small subtle print), coral lipstick, with, get this, a tiger print blazer from Zara and Chloe's studded ankle boots. The outfit was straight out of The Sartorialist. But while I was in awe (AWE!), I also felt that I could never, ever pull off the same look, especially the leather shorts (as much I wish I had the legs to do it, or the courage!). So, herewith, today's outfit. It's inspired by the uber stylish stylist, but very much watered down, so that one (um, me?) could wear it everyday without feeling like a loser wannabe! P.S. I will not lie to you: looking chic is as easy as wearing this pajama-spirited blazer.

1. Kain silk tank top, $155, 
2. Topshop pajama jacket, $110, 
3. Giles & Brother rose earrings, $75, 
4. Poppy King for J. Crew lipstick, $18, 
5. New Look studded boots, $110, 
6. J. Brand shorts, $77,

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